(Ps. Roma † 1945-2021 & Robbie Orie † 1950-2020)

In Memoriam

Roma & Haroen (Robbie) Orie, pastors of the JESUS IS KING congregation in Paramaribo, Suriname are now both resting in the arms of Jesus.

Bro. Robbie left this earth on December 18, 2020 and sr. Roma on April 27, 2021. We will miss them both very much. Our working together over the years has been a huge blessing to us and we are grateful to have met and gotten to know such a wonderful couple.

The work they have built up over the years stands as a victory over the enemy and its strongholds.


In working together with the Church "Jesus is King" we bring healing and divine direction to the land. This is done through the “Beauty for Ashes” course, the proclamation of the Word of God and through Prophetic revelation.

Our goal is to make it clear to people that their liberation lies in God and not their idols. We believe that God has a great future for Suriname, and wants to bless this Country like no other. Suriname is going to play an important role in the South American continent, and the Lord wants to use her to bring glory to His name.

Jesus is King church in Paramaribo

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After coming to Suriname for the last 10 years, it is time to say goodbye.

What started in 2012 with giving the course "Beauty for Ashes" has now developed into the course being given by Surinamese Christians on a permanent basis.

Our work is done. We have seen hundreds of people freed from their traumas and hurts.

Congregations have been strengthened and built up through the prophetic ministry, and we have made many friends. This country, which is still trying to free itself from the hands of the enemy, has seen the hand of the Lord at work. The churches are growing, and in particular the church "Jesus is King", with which we have worked hand in hand for the last 10 years, has undergone enormous change.

We are happy that we were able to serve the Lord here.

Although we are now saying goodbye, we hope to return sometime in the future. We may be gone now, but we carry the country and our friends in our hearts.

God bless Suriname.

Sr. Ps. John & Georgette Engel
December 2023

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